In depth MYO slot guide

Created: 1 September 2020, 18:52:50 UTC
Last updated: 6 November 2020, 17:55:21 UTC

This is a guide to using leech monster MYO slots! 

You can only make your own leech if you have a myo slot, myo slots are obtained via trades, sales and events.

For the beginners guide, its over here!

if you're looking for the tadpole-myo guide, its over here!

To get your myo slot approved...

Just simply go to your myo slots, and submit your design there! If you don’t know how to do that, here’s a quick demonstration.


Character creation rules

- Making your MYO based off a copyrighted character is not allowed.

- Making your MYO copied or based off an existing design (leech or not) is not allowed.

- You must follow the trait sheets, unlisted traits aren't available to normal myos!


The rules to trading/selling/gifting

- If you bought the myo slot you can sell it for the exact amount and currency you got it for, absolutely not over.

- You may trade the slot.

- You may buy the slot for someone else from the get-go.

- You may gift your myo slot.

- After a slot has been traded or gifted, its no longer resellable. Vouchers are trades.

The types of myo slots:

Mount/Wild/Pet class MYO

A "normal" myo slot, limited to the three base classes and only the normal traits.

Saltwater class MYO

A myo slot that allows you to create a mount/wild/pet class, including a special class called Saltwater.

Saltwater leeches can have a varied amount of fin styles, and on top of the normal traits they have their own class exclusive traits as well.

Luxury pet MYO + Legendary MYO

Exclusive MYO slots that can only be obtained on special occasions. Luxury pets need to follow the trait sheets, but legendary myos are limitless.

Tadpole MYO

Tadpole-myos work a lot like myo slots, but the difference between them is that while a myo slot lets you design a leech from scratch,  these ones have to be based on the tadpole.

They have their own in depth guide over here.

MYO Trait Upgrades

A myo slot can be upgraded with items from the shop. These items can also be obtained from other users and events!

You can use these by attaching them to the design update claim when you go to approve your myo/redesign.


Resources for your MYO


You can find all the usable leech monster traits in the encyclopedia, they can be easily sorted by type and rarity! On top of that, there’s plenty of lore and information archived in the Deviantart Group, feel free to work off that as well.