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Update: New prompts have been added!


The "Jinx is missing" halloween event requires you to choose between branching prompts and complete the ones in your path to earn currency and special items. 

Choose your path wisely, because there’s no going back to change it! You’ll have to complete all the prompts if you want to receive the neat event trophy.

You also cannot skip prompts! You have to complete them in order if you want to earn all the available currency/items.

1st prompt; Available Oct 1st. A strange new shop has appeared!

2nd prompts: Available Oct 8th

3d last art prompts: Available Oct 15th

4th “completion” prompt: Available Oct 22nd, alongside a myo slot sale!

the story so far: last updated October 15th.

(open spoiler)

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Jinx's shop has sat empty for a month, with only a very odd cloth doll left in her place.
Snacks from other peoples' purchases sit piled on a nearby table, slowly turning into a dusty-sticky lump from where they've been untouched this entire time.
On this visit, however, you noticed a scrawled parchment nailed to the front door: a notice of expedition to find the missing shopkeeper!
The note says the expedition is set to depart on October 1st, so be ready!

The Hunt Begins / Cave Entrance - PROMPT 1

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There's nothing suspicious inside the shop, but outside there appear to be several tracks!

There are some by the window – this must be whoever left the doll.
Whatever made these doesn't seem to have the usual weight distribution of a standard leech and the placement suggests an odd gait, as if the creature that made them was... bigger. Longer.
They don't appear to lead anywhere.
You find Jinx's footprints, much steadier, and quite heavy as if she were weighed down by carrying supplies or potions. Perhaps it was a business venture? She left a very clear trail nonetheless, so you decide to follow.
The tracks head straight out into the wilderness.
As you travel further and further away from home, you notice less and less signs of wildlife. Eventually, even the birds seem to have vanished; there's no singing at all. Nothing but the sound of wind in the trees.

Ahead you notice a dark shape.
It's a cave.
A huge, very odd-looking cave that seems to yawn out of the ground. The stalactites at the entrance almost seem like teeth... but you're sure you're imagining it. Of course caves don't bite.
Besides, Jinx's pawprints head right inside, without any hesitation!


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After looking around the entrance, you deem it safe enough to venture inside. You can't shake the feeling that there's something.... off about this cave, but you have a mystery to solve! No time for second guessing!
Jinx's tracks fade as the floor gives way from dirt to stone, but there's no other way she could've gone but onward, a decision further supported when you find a lantern filled with strange, glowing orbs suspended in fluid, sitting abandoned on the ground. You decide to take it; it's quite dark ahead.
The cave's rock is unlike any you've ever seen or felt before. Tapping on it reveals an odd hollow sound, like it's porous. You suppress the urge to lick it.
A little ways further, there are two holes you can squeeze through.


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An earthy smell and soft blue glow lead you to a tunnel absolutely covered in flourishing bioluminescent mushrooms! The rock grows in weird little fingers that make travel difficult, but you feel like it's worth it just to see this.

They get larger and more numerous as you progress and you soon find yourself entranced by the sight of them; there'll surely be a lot more if you keep going! - but you're broken out of your reverie by a horrible echoing scream coming from deeper in the cave.


 Mushroom Path: Mushroom Break / The Screams

The screams aren't constant, but they're loud and long enough that it's definitely not the wind – something else is in this cave with you.

Maybe it's Jinx?

There are slithering, darting shadows ahead, just out of sight, and suddenly you don't feel as safe as you were when you first ventured in.


Mushroom break

Thoroughly unnerved, you decide to linger in the safe light of the mushrooms. Planting yourself firmly down on visible ground, you take a look at your surroundings.

The fungi are glowing strongly, interspersed with softly-lit moss, and the ceiling is hung with what looks like strung jewels. You think they're glow worms, or at least something similar.

An experimental sniff reveals the mushrooms to smell... oddly delicious. Maybe they're edible? You decide to try them while you're here.

--------- ALT PATH --------- 

the screams


Feeling brave, you decide to push onward. Weird shadows and sounds can't hurt you! Besides, if it's Jinx screaming, maybe you can save her?

As soon as you leave the light of the mushrooms, however, the flickering shapes suddenly blur into a frenzy. You can't see them at all, but it's like the cave walls are alive with something fast and snakeline, and there's a lot of them.

Locked in a trance, you're broken out of it by the loudest scream yet as one of the shadows swoops right above your head.

It's definitely not Jinx making those noises; it's these creatures. Fight or flight kicks in!


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Not only is there a constant warm draft carrying an indescribable stench, this path is almost impossible to see in. Your previously-scrapped theories on the cave's 'teeth' suddenly seem a little more believable.

You quickly lose sight of the entrance but turning around to try and find it again seems like a bad idea that will only get you impossibly lost. The lantern illuminates the walls closest to you, but seems to barely make a dent in the solid blackness. You have the distinct impression you're being watched.

dark path: Cursed lake / The back door

After fumbling your way through the dark a considerable way, the path eventually opens up into a huge cavern. It's pleasantly warm, and the odd smell is at its strongest here, seemingly originating from a massive lake that dominates the majority of the room. The water – if that's what it is – is steaming, and has stained the surrounding cave structure pink.


Cursed lake

Ignoring all reason, you decide to touch the lake surface.

It's very warm, like a hot spring, and even from the brief contact your skin feels tingly. When it drips from your skin it's a little slimy, but you figure it's some sort of algae bloom from geothermal chemicals. Why else would everything in here be pink?

Feeling quite bold about your discovery, you decide to take a dip in the lake!

Splashing about, you have a great time, especially when your play results in the discovery of further smaller pools all connected by a river that flows steadily onward.

--------- ALT PATH --------- 

The back door

Clearly the lake isn't safe to drink from and you're not sure it should even be touched. You wouldn't be surprised if Jinx came here to bottle the stuff, and vow to avoid any steaming pink water she might stock in the future.

Venturing around the edge, you find another passage away from the suspicious lake that heads off into a labyrinthine passage. Following it for a long time, you begin to wonder if there'll ever be an end to all these tiny twists and turns in the rock, when it suddenly opens out into another cavern – this time brightly lit, as its ceiling has fallen in, revealing the sky!

The walls are too high to climb out here, but at the end of the chamber is a hole you can probably fit through if you wriggle. For now, you enjoy the sunlight and fresh air.


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