[CLOSED] cave class item + Myo slot sale

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The transmutation waver is now active!

If you bought this item during the event you can now use it on existing designs/myo slots to turn them into the cave subspecies! Like with all other upgrade items, you just need to attach it during the myo/redesign approval.


 All the exclusive cave subspecies traits can be seen in the encyclopedia and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask about it in the discord.

Were also hostING a flash 48hr MYO sale!

open until March 21st 3pm EST

[MYO creation guide + Rules]

[Leech Monster Beginners guide]

[Species T.O.S]


normal MYO - 25$


saltwater MYO - 45$


UPGRADE ITEM - Transmutation waver - 30$


- 3 myo slots max per person 

- 1 transmutation waver per person

- You may buy the slot for someone else from the get-go

- You may gift your myo slot

- After a slot has been traded or gifted, its no longer resellable. 

Once purchased, these myo slots will be uploaded onto the website



raichusmic Avatar

two normal myo tickets for myself please! thank you. :00

2022-03-20 23:02:25

Admin Avatar
Admin Staff Member

dm sent

2022-03-21 15:25:59

SheepyStuff Avatar

One Transmutation Waiver please!

2022-03-20 21:39:32

Admin Avatar
Admin Staff Member

dm sent

2022-03-21 15:25:02

wyrmbloods Avatar

i'd like to purchase a waver for @fortuneyolk ! :}

2022-03-20 05:25:28

Hatreda Avatar

A waver, pls!

2022-03-20 02:54:56

Admin Avatar
Admin Staff Member

sent DM!

2022-03-20 17:59:03

Muffin_Angel Avatar

I shouldn't but... waver please lol

2022-03-18 21:20:20

Admin Avatar
Admin Staff Member

sending DM

2022-03-18 21:27:48

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