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Interested in leech monsters, or just designing monsters in general? Why not apply and make some for sale! If you're interested in guest designing for the species, this is where you can apply.

- Adopts will need to be mostly flatcolor, but can have minimal shading and lighting as long as the patterns and colors remain obvious and aren’t difficult to color pick!

- The base price for leech monsters is 45$, please don’t go lower without discussing it with me first!

- SB lower than 45$ on auctions is no problem.

- You will be allowed to make up to 4 leeches in one batch for flatsale or auction.

- 10% from each sale (after PP fees) will be going to the species owner

- Every leech batch should be passed by me (occultic) for approval before you post em! The description needs to link back to the group, have the artist/group tos and the ML enties linked.

The traits and classes you can use

You can choose from the wild/pet/mount/saltwater classes and use any listed normal traits + 3 max listed mythical trait per leech

- You can see all the listed traits on the encyclopedia

- Please be aware of the group rules/terms of service

Application Form:

A small introduction:

Examples of recent work/designs:

Example of your leech art, if applicable:

Your discord: opt, easier to pass wips this way



I'll be looking for 1-4 designs per applicant, but you can apply even if you applied before, and you can apply again in the future.

If there's a friend you think would want to apply, feel free to tag them!

Please don't be discouraged if I don't note/dm you right away, since there will be a queue if we get multiple applicants

Please ask if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you.



trashcxt Avatar

hey! im sav! i love designing cute little blorbs and these are the cutest and the blorbiest. the idea of just a big cheshire cat mouth is grgrgrg so cute btw! anyways i go by she/her and my favorite animal is a cat!

sadly i dont have any leech art atm but i do hope to do one soon!

my discord is trashcat#4917

thank you for the opportunity!

2022-05-05 19:28:46

MakoSharkBoy Avatar

CheeseStiick Avatar

A small introduction: Hello my name is Orion! I usually draw for fun or commission, but mostly I play video games and just chill out haha! I work night audit most days, so I am around quite a lot in the evening.

Examples of recent work/designs:

Example of your leech art, if applicable: (I drew this lad)

Your discord: Crowned-Monarch#2345

2021-08-10 10:38:34

FeraligatrGirl123 Avatar

Hello, I am FeraligatrGirl123. I'm new here. And I really love your website and leech monsters. I have is a few questions. How do post your picture of your leech and how much for the leech I posted? How can I get Snacks or Points? And finally. How do you make your own MYO of a Leech Monsters.

Here is the leech monster I have made

2021-08-09 16:18:43

Admin Avatar
Admin Staff Member

Leech monsters are not free to make unfortunately! In order to make a leech monster from scratch you need a myo slot, which you can either buy from an official sale or get from other users via trade.
When you own a myo slot you can submit a design through its profile and make it official, it's against the t.o.s to make unofficial leech monsters you haven't gotten approved with a myo slot.

If you want a leech monster you can buy a premade tadpole-myo in the nursery using site currency earned via art prompts , but that's as long as you understand the conditions and take down any unofficial leech monster art/designs off your profile.

2021-08-09 17:57:22

FeraligatrGirl123 Avatar

Ok. But I do not have any Snacks or Points. How can I get them? Because I would love to have a Leech Monster on my own.

2021-08-09 19:09:00 (Edited 2021-08-10 18:00:08)

TaNa-Jo Avatar

A small introduction:
My name is TaNa-Jo, 24 years old from germany. I love designs and monsters + adopts/cs.
Sadly I do not own a leech but I am confident I can draw them so I hope my other references count :P Being a GA would be pretty fancy

Examples of recent work/designs:

Your discord:
TaNa-Jo / Jedi Meister Tara#9826

2021-07-13 08:41:03

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