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Tadpole semi-myo gacha

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We are trying out a new way to sell tadpole-myos!

Assuming you are already familiar with the tadpole nursery (under market), we are now stocking random tadpole semi-myos at a discounted snack price.


They work exactly the same as a normal tadpole myo, you just wont know which design you got until you buy it! They will be revealed a few hours after you buy them (you'll get a notification) 

This new method was incorporated in order to lower the prices a bit, as well as introduce a fun gacha element.
Let us know what you think in the discord/comments! 

A Holly Jolly DTE Event!

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a DTE (draw-to-enter) is a character raffle you can enter by drawing other people's characters 



these are the DTE leeches! click their image for the profile

- You must be signed up on the site (in order to submit prompts!)
- You can draw your own leech, someone elses leech or the featured designs, they all count! 
- If drawing someone else's leech, make sure you have their permission and to tag/send it to them.
- You can enter a maximum of 2 times per leech. Here are the DTE prompts
- The finished piece has to be clean (only finished stuff, no sketches! Shading is optional) and it has to be a fullbody. (chibis wont be accepted!)
- By participating in this event, you agree to the Species TOS

:How To Enter:
- Once you have completed your art, please submit it to the DTE prompt
remember that you can only enter 2 times per leech!
you don't have to, but you can post these entries on social media!

? Prizes:

[Designs] The DTE design which you are entering the raffle for, they will be raffled off in the end of the event. 
[Snacks] - Each entry will earn you 150 snacks just for being submitted.


Site is now Live

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The site is live now, yay!

Prompts are already available! Have fun exploring the new site and hop onto discord if you need any help!