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Shaded Background Art

Category: Snack Work

Show off your background skills with your leech! Check the description.


draw your leech featuring a full background

They can be relaxing at home or in their natural habitat, causing mischief, or eating something delicious - what's important is that we can see where they are in the world - there should be a lot of focus on the scene/background!

+ 750 Snacks

You may also earn extra snacks for this submission based on the following:

+50 snacks per included pet / +100 snacks per extra leech 

- Must be a clean, colored and shaded fullbody with a detailed, in-depth background.
- Traditional entries should be scan quality.
- You need to draw your own leech! If you don't own a leech, you can draw one of our Mascots
- You should tag or message the leech monster's owner so that they can see what you drew for them!
- It isn't required, but you can upload these prompts to social media.

-You can submit this prompt once per month


Reward Amount
Snacks 750
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