[Closed] Long cat sale!

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time for a cheeky flat sale!

this lil menace has finally come out of hibernation to find a new owner and cause trouble 

keep comments clear other than for claiming this design
payment is required within 24 hours of purchase confirmation 
you can have someone else claim/pay for you as long as it's clear and confirmed by both parties in the comments 
separate files, including non-shaded, will be sent to the new owner after received payment 

Mutations: Fur body (Common Myth)
Mutations: Color change (Potion)
Ears: Triangle ears (Normal)
Teeth/Jaw: Toothless (Normal)
Neck: Neck rolls (Normal)
Tail: Extra long tail (Potion)
Tail: Basic tail (Normal)


Flat price: $60 (USD)


Inkrunner101 Avatar

Can i buy

2021-04-12 21:21:48 (Edited 2021-11-05 22:27:53)

Fleshh Avatar
Fleshh Staff Member

You absolutely can! I'll message you through discord >:3

2021-04-13 07:18:18 (Edited 2021-11-05 22:27:53)

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