Greyhound hoodie

Greyhound hoodie (Normal)

Category: Hoodie

Like a sharpei dog, the leech's skin has grown extra rolls that have bunched at the head and front paws.  This skin is Non-Adjustable, meaning the 'sleeves' can't be rolled up or the 'neck' rolled down! 

Greyhound hoodies usually occur on pet leeches and were initially bred as a fashion statement for the elite, but the chunky turtleneck style became a big hit with children and popularized the trait with many pet owning families.  Occasionally the trait will develop in a wild leech, which usually results in some interesting wild animal footage.

Sweat hoodie

Sweat hoodie (Normal)

Category: Hoodie

Extra folds of skin have grown around the leech's neck, creating a wide and comfortable hood!  Due to the flexibility of the Sweat variation's skin, the resulting hood can be worn up over the leech's head or comfortably down around the neck, just like your favorite sweatshirt! 

When a hood develops it's not uncommon to find that a comfortable pouch of skin has also grown on the leech's belly, which it uses for storing a variety of important things from young to snacks to whatever else the leech decides has value.  Domesticated leeches may also be willing to hold your belongings and valuables, and it isn't unheard of for the wealthy to give small heirlooms to their leeches to protect.  

Suit hoodie

Suit hoodie (Normal)

Category: Hoodie

Similarly to the Sweat trait, the Suit leech features an adjustable hood but it differs in the fact that the can completely close over the leech's head and generally sports an eye-like protrusion on either side. 

This makes it appear as though it were a cute (or creepy) creature mascot! 
Leeches featuring this trait are usually shy but affectionate, though in the wild the false hood is often used for intimidation.  Once a popular breed to showcase at carnivals and give as birthday presents, an incident where a breeder's suit leeches escaped into the wild resulted in many wild offspring sporting this trait.  It became a problem when they came out to hunt at night, terrifying humans who caught glimpses of them out of their windows or lingering between the trees in the local park and forest.

Note: Only the hood around the face can be opened or closed. The rest of the skin is a permanent fixture to the leech's body - it cannot be climbed out of like an actual suit.

Tailmouth hoodie

Tailmouth hoodie (Normal)

Category: Hoodie

The Tailmouth is an extra grown layer of skin over its tail resulting in a faux head where the true tail resembles a writhing tongue.  A weak muscle keeps the mouth closed most of the time, though it can be manually popped open by tugging at the zipper-like feeler located on one end of the faux mouth. 

This trait is primarily used for intimidation and occurs more often in the wild, the faux mouth snapping open when the leech is frightened or enraged.  Oftentimes when people report sightings of a two headed leech, careful examination must be conducted to make sure it wasn't simply a startled leech with a Tailmouth hood. 

Note: This is not a second head, and should not be treated as such. Traits that can appear normally over the rest of the body/tail can be applied here, such as see-all eyes and spikes. The overall shape should stay basic tail-like.
This can be applied successfully to any tail trait, but both Tailmouth and tail trait must be visibly obvious.

Pelt hoodie

Pelt hoodie (Normal)

Category: Hoodie

More of a disorder than a desirable hoodie variation, Pelts occur when the leech makes an attempt to shed its skin and loses the ability to slough it off part of the way through.  While the limbs, tail, and certain edges of the pelt are loose and can flop around freely, the spine of the pelt is still firmly attached to the leech's back and cannot be removed. 

More often than not the pelt will change to a different color or pattern from the leech's normal skin, and may sport the appearance of feelers and other traits, making it look like it belongs to a different creature.  Opinions on Pelts vary, as some regard it as the product of a poorly raised leech, while others consider it 'Metal as F**k'

Note: It can sport head and body traits as long as they remain within the trait's limits; i.e horns that appear on the pelt's head count as the single allowed horn set without a myth upgrade.
The snout of the pelt must retain a standard leech mouth.

Kigu hood

Kigu hood (Normal)

Category: Hoodie

A popular cross between two other variations, the Kigu is often considered 'Suit-lite' and features a baggy extra layer of skin over the leech's body combined with the comfortable open hood of the Sweat variation. 

This makes the leech look floppy, adorable, and pajama party ready, making it a big hit with families and neighborhood petting zoos.  Kigu leeches are often bred to look like other animals or popular mascots, and can fetch a high price depending on how cute and close to the original they can get!  An unexpected side effect of breeding this variation, however, is the 'buttons' that often appear on the front of the Kigu - Nine times out of ten, they're actually the leech's eyes.

Cone hoodie

Cone hoodie (Potion)

Category: Hoodie

[Potion item]: Odd Strawberry

The cone hoodie is an elongated hood. Its length can vary from a short point to extending as long as the entire leech! Like the other hooded traits, this hoodie can also be moved up and down off the leech's head.

Unusual wild cases recently have been seen sporting this trait with additional body traits, making it look like the leech has two bodies joined at the head. Experts initially thought it was an odd case of pelt hoodie attaching to the leech's head, but on closer inspection it was a mutated hood trait.
Because of its sudden new appearance, it's thought to be a hidden genome in hooded leeches that triggers growth with an unknown factor.

Note: This can be combined with the Tailmouth to give the cone hood a zipper mouth at the end of it. This does not count as a tail, and tail traits cannot be added to it; the hood tip that pokes out the end should be plain.

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