Drape feelers

Drape feelers (Normal)

Category: Feelers

Flat extrusions of sensitive skin.

These are highly standard in leeches and are often bred along with colors and patterns in various mimicry attempts, including stylized approximations of fur or feathers. They're less sensitive than their other feeler counterparts, but detect humidity easily and often act as a stabilizer when a leech is in the water.

Note: They should remain similar in size and shape to the illustrations. Bunches of feelers cannot occur from one point in groups of more than three.
Deviations of these (i.e a long line of segmented or pleated feelers, more than two or three points, or more than three bunched feelers) will require the clustered feelers upgrade.
Take care to shape these individually so they do not get confused with fur or feather body; they should not have a thicker center rib or veins like a leaf.

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