Food body

Food body (Uncommon Myth)

Category: Mutations

A mimic-type mutation that caused the leech's body to resemble delicious human food.

Hugely popular among pet leeches, this is also oddly enough seen in wild-types who seem to prefer preying on people.
While it looks like food, the leech's body is still made of skin and flesh, and any nonsolid shapes such as cream or sauce is usually a secretion of slime, or blood byproducts such as plasma. Ordinary leech flesh is already unpalatable, but a food body leech is as disgusting as they can get.

Note: Body types cannot be partially applied or mixed outside of an official or legendary capacity. A leech can only have ONE type of body mutation. These are any traits in the trait list with the name 'body' in the title, e.g Fur body, Solid body, Feathered body, etc. OR their official partial variant.

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