Partial glass

Partial glass (Potion)

Category: Mutations

A trait that only partially presents Glass or Transparent, allowing for significant amounts of the leech's body to remain normal.

Because they are neither fully normal nor fully glass, these leeches have a lot of physical difficulties, including movement. Healing rate is often greatly reduced, especially in the glass portion of the body, as its cells become confused due to the change of texture. Owners must be extremely thorough with their care.

Note: Body types cannot be partially applied or mixed outside of an official or legendary capacity. A leech can only have ONE type of body mutation. These are any traits in the trait list with the name 'body' in the title, e.g Fur body, Solid body, Feathered body, etc. OR their official partial variant.

For Partial Glass, the trait can only use glass OR transparent; not both. Be aware of the visual distinctions between the traits!

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