Plush body

Plush body (Uncommon Myth)

Category: Mutations

The body is soft and looks like it's made of various arts and crafts materials, with the insides being made of cotton.

Leeches with these traits won’t bleed out even from deep wounds, and can stitch themselves back together.
These leeches' needs are completely opposite from the norm when it comes to moisture: the drier the better. Too much exposure to damp will actually make them sick. They're highly popular as pets for homes with children.

Note: Body types cannot be partially applied or mixed outside of an official or legendary capacity. A leech can only have ONE type of body mutation. These are any traits in the trait list with the name 'body' in the title, e.g Fur body, Solid body, Feathered body, etc. OR their official partial variant.

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