See-all eyes

See-all eyes (Normal)

Category: Eyes

An unusual eye type that is solid like a marble and often feature exquisite designs and patterns on their surface.
Their notable feature is the ability to appear elsewhere on the body, as long as an eye socket is present. In this sense, each socket counts as an eye regardless of actual eyes present, and more than five is considered a myth trait. 

The leech carefully guards these travelling eyes as losing one out of the body is exceptionally painful, and immediately results in blindness of that eye. Once a See-all eye stops functioning, the leech will abandon it without exception; this is usually the reason for a leech having fewer eyes than number of sockets. 

In collectors' circles, removed see-all eyes are incredibly valuable, resulting in high rates of poaching for these beautiful items - especially since it is randomly-occurring and cannot be bred. 

Note: See-all eyes cannot be held in the mouth or by the tongue; this is considered retired. Any leech with this presentation cannot maintain it through a redesign. 

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