Vampire teeth

Vampire teeth (Normal)

Category: Teeth/Jaw

The classic mouth features a characteristic cat shaped lip and a single concave blade-like tooth on the upper and lower jaw. 

Leech mouths typically exhibit either an underbite or overbite to compensate for the shape of their teeth, and the sharp points are used for piercing flesh to draw blood, which serves as the leech's main diet.

Outward vampire teeth

Outward vampire teeth (Normal)

Category: Teeth/Jaw

A genetic defect where the vampiric points of the leech's upper and lower teeth have become bigger and wider than normal, angling out more than the standard variety. 

These leeches usually exhibit an underbite, where the bottom two points will stick uncomfortably out of the mouth similarly to bulldogs.  While outward vampire leeches live otherwise healthy and happy lives, many regard this particular variant as a sign of poor breeding.

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