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All blue traits are normal traits available to myo!
Red BG require mythical upgrades (Many eyes requires common, floating objects require uncommon)


Most leeches don't have eyes, and these who do usually still rely more on their other senses.
1. Eyes can be anywhere on the body, not just on the face!
2. Leeches can only have up to 5 eyes total.
3. Eyes can be any size, but they're usually on the smaller side.
4. Leeches can have eyelashes, but it'd be a stylistic choice!

Trait lore:

Shut Eyes -  The shut eye trait occurs for a variety of reasons from mimicry to an underdeveloped eyeball to light sensitivity.  Whatever the cause, these leeches like to keep their eyes closed!  Eyesight in Shut-Eye leeches is usually quite poor, but the leech's other senses usually make up for this.

Bead Eyes - A type of eye that is characteristically round and pupil-less.  Bead-eyed leeches are generally masters of hiding their eyes in plain sight, as they are often small and easily mistaken for natural markings or gemstones.  These eyes are still soft and will upset the leech if poked, so please be careful when getting a feel for a potential new companion!

Mammalian Eyes - A blanket term for all other eyes that aren't immediately identifiable as Shut or Bead.  Mammalian eyes can be any shape and color, and may or may not have pupils, but always feature points at either end similarly to our own.  The strength of the eyesight varies from leech to leech and is also tied to its placement on the body.

See-All Eyes - The See-All differs from other eye types in that they are solid like a marble and often feature exquisite designs and patterns on their surface.  They rarely occur on the Leech's face and have the interesting ability to travel throughout the body if other eye sockets are present.  Leeches with see-all eyes guard them carefully as a travelling eye isn't without its downsides; if it leaves the leech's body through either force or accident, the eye will be damaged and result in an alarming amount of pain and immediate loss of sight for the leech.  On their own, See-all marbles are considered incredibly valuable collectors items due to their uniqueness and rarity, and their cost is inflated even more by the fact that this trait is randomly-occurring and cannot be bred.  Once a See-all eye stops functioning, the leech will abandon it 100% of the time with no exception.



Sensory Pores - Extra sensitive pores that have developed above the leech's mouth, similar to ones occurring in sharks and catfish.  Many people new to the creatures mistake them for nostrils, but this is not the case!

Whiskers - Thin, wiry feelers that behave similarly to those found on mammals and catfish.  Whiskers provide the leech with a sensory boost, giving them better perception of their surroundings.  This trait is a popular pick for mammalian-esque pets.

Biolumi - Similarly to certain plants and plankton, this trait expresses itself in the form of glowing spots, markings, or body parts on the leech!  While patterns and areas are unique to each individual, the effect of this trait is always the same; biolumi emits a soft, dim glow at all times and while it is hard to notice in sunlight, it is always visible in dim lighting and the dark!
Floating Objects (Myth) - A mythical trait controlled more often than not by a leech's developing psychic abilities or natural magnetism.   Its never hard to pinpoint a leech with floating objects, as they will have something levitating close to their body!  These objects vary from leech to leech and may be something the leech values, a man made accessory, or even things like appendages and eyeballs.  Whether or not the object can be pulled from the leech's grasp is entirely up to the leech, but it's a better idea to let them be, just in case there are other more dangerous psychic abilities that the creature is hiding.

Many Eyes (5+) (Myth) - In rare cases a leech may develop a surplus of eyes, exceeding the standard maximum of five.  These eyes can be any trait, color, shape and size, and can appear clustered or spread across the body.  It is considered a genetic mutation more than anything else and often creates some interesting results.

Feeler Styles:

Feelers are additional traits available to all myo!


Feelers are fleshy growths that manifest on a leeches body! They are used to feel the environment, for camouflage or to mimic other animals.
1. Feelers can be longer than illustrated, but their width can only be as illustrated on this sheet.  
2. Feeler clusters grow in pairs of threes or less, and can be anywhere on the body.
3. Drape feelers can mimic fur, but they are obviously stylized. (common leeches can’t have fur!)
4. Feelers can be mixed and matched! (ex: drape + tentacles)
5. Feelers should be drawn to look simple and not overly detailed, they're just flabs of skin.

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In Traits ・ By StudioMaz
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