Terms of Service

Created: 1 August 2020, 19:55:43 UTC
Last updated: 9 May 2022, 14:26:21 UTC

Welcome to the group! 

We're happy to have you and can't wait for your contributions, but please take a moment to read through all of the rules!

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    • First and foremost!  Leech monsters are a Closed Species owned by occultic. You shouldn't make your own without a myo slot!
    • You can only have one account on site. Having more than one account to double resources will get your accounts deleted.
    • This group is open to everyone, from leech owners to new people interested in the species!  Owning a leech is not mandatory to sign up to the website .
    • Please be polite and respectful to all members of the group!  This should go without saying but bad behavior will not be tolerated.  Repeat offenses will result in a ban.
    • Prompt submissions can  only include official leech monsters.  If you do not own a leech, you are welcome to draw or include our mascot Sein in any of your pieces!
    • Please keep all submissions SFW!  Do not submit any content that you wouldn't want your mother or your boss to see at work.  NSFW submissions will be removed and repeated offenses will result in a ban.
    • The community has an active discord and deviantart group, feel free to join and share your artwork/commissions!
    • If you have any issues or questions, the fastest way to get help would be the questions and answers channel in the discord.



  • Leech monsters may be purchased through flat-sales and auctionsCustoms, and MYO slots depending on availability.  The deviantart group  and discord also have a dedicated Journal folder and channel where members can advertise their sales and trades.
  • Occasionally Leech monsters may also be obtained with Snacks, the group's form of ARPG currency.  More info about snacks and how to obtain them can be found over here.
  • When submitting a Sale or Trade journal to the deviantart group, please make sure that there is at least one leech monster available in it and that the leech's Masterlist Entry is included.
  • Seeking Journals are also accepted and may be submitted to the same Journal folder.


  • Leech Monsters can only be resold/traded/gifted by their rightful owners on the masterlist.
  • Please do not sell/trade/gift leech monsters that you do not officially own and/or are not registered on the masterlist!  We recommend not buying leeches from unregistered owners either - if you have any concerns regarding a transaction, please note the group instead!
  • A Leech Monster may be resold for any amount regardless of the method that it was obtained.  Purchased commissions can be added to the leech's value depending on whether the artist's TOS allows for such things, but any art that you draw for the leech while it is under your ownership will not count towards its value.
  • Leech Monsters can be resold for a user-set price only.  Users are NOT allowed to auction their leeches to the highest bidder, nor accept offers higher than the one initially stated in a submitted resale/trade journal.  Anyone found breaking this rule will be given a warning, repeat offenses will receive a ban.
  • Vouchers are still allowed for the species, but are something of a moot point since Leech monsters may be resold freely at a set price.
  • A 2 week Resale/Trade Cooldown is applied to a leech every time it is transferred to a new owner on the masterlist.  This cooldown applies to all leeches, regardless of how they were obtained (sale/trade/gift) and ends 2 weeks after an ownership transfer on the masterlist, or 2 weeks after being purchased from an official sale (adoptables/customs). The cooldown applies to myo-tadpoles and myo slots as well.
  • If you have a Leech monster that does not appear to be on the masterlist, please don't hesitate to send a note to the group or submit a form to the leechpond journal!


  • All Leech monster MYO designs must be submitted for approval.  Please do not upload pictures or commission art of your MYO leech before it has been approved.
  • Leech monster MYOs do not expire!  A person who has obtained an MYO slot can take as long as they need to come up with a design.
  • An MYO slot can be sold for the price that it was purchased for.  MYOs received for free from events or trades cannot be sold, only gifted or traded.  MYO slot ownership should be transferred on the masterlist, just like with normal leech monster designs.
  • You may create your MYO leech yourself, or commission another user or official designer to do it for you.  The price of an MYO design commission cannot be added to the MYO's value.  
  • MYOs must not be traced from another user's original art work!  This should go without saying, but tracing is not tolerated by anyone here at Leech Monsters.  If you are caught, your leech will be VOIDED and you will be blacklisted from the community.
  • When making an MYO leech, please stick to the classes and traits outlined the trait sheets.  All the information for these can be found here!
  • Leech monster MYOs cannot be based on existing ocs or franchise characters.  occultic may sometimes take customs that are loosely based on existing characters, but this is on a case by case basis and not guaranteed.
  • The leech classes you can use for MYOs are wild, pet, mount.  Saltwater leeches are also available, but offered as a separate MYO type.  You cannot use the legendary or luxury pet classes for a normal MYO leech.
  • Mythical traits can be obtained for an MYO leech through referrals and events.  On rare occasions legendary and luxury pet MYOs may also be obtained through group events.


  • Redesigns are allowed for any type of leech, but they must still have a resemblance to the original design.  All redesigned leeches must be submitted for approval as well.  A list of what you can and cannot do when redesigning a leech is currently in the works, but for the meantime, feel free to drop a message to the group if you aren't sure whether or not you are allowed to alter specific things about your leech!
  • A leech's mythical traits can't be swapped out for other mythical traits in a redesign (ex: swapping out fur in exhange for wings.) Only official designers swap out a mythical trait for another.
  • A leech can be redesigned with new mythical traits if the user has the appropriate Tadpole Upgrade available!
  • A leech's class may be swapped between pet, wild, and mount at any time.  It is not necessary to inform the group when you do this!
  • Legendary and luxury pet leeches cannot have their classes swapped due to their unique traits.
  • If you no longer want your leech to be part of the leech monster species, you can remove it to turn it into a one-off design.  However, you must inform occultic of this choice!  Your leech will be VOIDED and will not be able to become a leech monster again, so please make sure you are certain you want to do this before proceeding.


  • As the species owneroccultic is the only person allowed to offer custom leech monster designs.  All MYOs and redesigns should be submitted to them for approval before they are posted anywhere else.  They also make designs for flatsale and auction, and can be commissioned for redesigns.
  • Official designers may create flatsale and auction pieces, design MYOs for people who have MYO slots, and can be commissioned for leech redesigns.  They are permanent artists on the leech monster team, and are allowed to make and sell leech monsters in moderation.  Official designers are selected by occultic, and there is no way to become one without their approval.  Currently we are not looking for new official designers.
  • Guest artists are users who are selected to make a one off leech or batch of leeches for general sale.  They are allowed to create leech monsters for a single instance only, and may not create any more to sell afterward.  Guest artists are selected by occultic and the leech design team, and applications for these are advertised in the Leech monster journal hub when available.  If you would like to apply to become a guest designer, please make sure that a position is available, and that you follow the instructions outlined within the specific application journals. 


  • Tracing the art of others within Leech Monsters is considered a bannable offense.  Any MYOs that are found to be traced will be voided and any art that we discover is traced will be removed from the group.