Beginner's guide

Created: 1 September 2020, 19:46:02 UTC
Last updated: 1 September 2020, 20:02:58 UTC

• Registering to the site;

To use the website, you're gonna have to follow a couple quick steps!

1. Register your account:

When registering you should use the same username you do on Deviantart and other plaforms for easy identification.

2. Confirm your email:

It may take a couple of minutes, but you should get a verification email.

3. Sync your Deviantart acc:

Most actions will be unavailable until you verify your deviantart account. Once you try going to settings, the site will prompt you to link your DA account- After you link your account any designs/myo slots under that alias will automatically transfer to your account. If you're new and you don't use deviantart, you should still make an account to link to even if you wont use it.

If you're having trouble, you can find me and dm me in the  leech monster discord server (occultic/yuri) or ask for help in #leechsite-help.


• How do I acquire a leech? 

Leech monsters are a closed species and therefore aren't readily available.

Leeches can be acquired in the following ways:

- Adoptable sales on Deviantart, and Discord.

- Special events - Check in news!

- User trading and selling on Deviantart, and Discord.

- Tadpole myos

- MYOs (Requires a MYO Slot)


• Redesigns

Redesigns are allowed for any type of leech, but they must still have a resemblance to the original design.  

A leech's mythical traits can't be swapped out for other mythical traits in a redesign (ex: swapping out fur in exhange for wings.) Only official designers swap out a mythical trait for another.

A leech can be redesigned with new mythical traits/potion traits using upgrades from the shop.

A leech's class may be swapped between pet, wild, and mount at any time.  It is not necessary to inform the group when you do this! The only exception is when changing the class of saltwater class, in which case you should submit a design update.

Legendary and luxury pet leeches cannot have their classes swapped due to their unique traits.

If you no longer want your leech to be part of the leech monster species, you can remove it to turn it into a one-off design.  However, you must inform occultic of this choice!  Your leech will be VOIDED and will not be able to become a leech monster again, so please make sure you are certain you want to do this before proceeding. You can contact occultic on DA, the leech monster discord server and