Leech Monster Info Sheet [Saltwater Class]

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Size: Large and long. (common bottlenose on the ref for comparison)
Saltwater leeches are large, slim, strong and long.

Diet: Freshly killed feeder sheep and cows (or live, if you're messed up like that).
Due to their large size and aggressive nature saltwater leeches like to tear into big fresh prey, they have to put their feeding instincs into use or they lose interest. Often times, people that come to look at salties through their tanks find that salties are playful, and very attentive and curious... But in actuality, they're really bored and hungry. The tanks used for Saltwater Leeches are REQUIRED to be made with reinforced glass. No exceptions.

Definitive traits:
- Strong, slim and long body
- Boxed head
- Always has some type of gills/pores 
- Always has some type of fins
- Long strong tail
- Aggressive temprement (lore, your saltie doesn't have to be mean)
- Resemble other water dwelling species (lore)
- Water depandant, though not specifically saltwater (lore, misleading name huh)

Relationship with humans:
These leeches are bred specifically to show off marking, patterns and traits of fish and other marine animals, most saltwaters are bred to be as colorful and unique as possible 
Most leech monsters are freshwater dwellers, as leech monsters feed on warm blooded animals and are amphibians, but this leech can live in both types as long as its introduced young.
There are very few wild bred leech monsters which are adapt to saltwater, its rarely recorded, but that's not to say there aren't many saltwater leeches... 

The majority of Saltwater leech monsters started off as a breeding project, and are a "collectors" species. These leech monsters are usually kept by very wealthy businesses or people in huge extravagant tanks, and while dolphins and small whale species are their favorite, their pretty expensive tastes are usually satisfied with just cows or sheep. They aren't domesticated, and even more aggressive than your typical leech, so keeping the tank closed and locked at all times is advised.
These leech monsters are never to be released into the wild, their constant hunger and aggression can ruin entire food chains.

The process of breeding saltwater leech monsters is considered cruel by some, if a pup hatched displaying traits which the breeder was not looking for, it will be released into the ocean where it will surely perish, sold off for skinning or killed to prevent "future suffering". Same goes for bred adults which had served their purpose, though more often than not they are sold to be skinned. Due to their size, nature and needs, breeders just cannot afford to own more than they can. 

Leech Monster Info Sheet [Saltwater Class]
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