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Deadn't is a potion trait with a very complex range of applications.

A mortal injury that should otherwise result in death. This covers open wounds, guts hanging out, impalement, and even decapitation - though in the case of head removal, the head must remain with the leech somewhere.

Removed limbs aren't functional to the leech any more, given the disconnect from the nervous system and control by the brain, but neither do they die and rot away. Owners usually end up cremating these parts to prevent mess, but some leeches may like to keep everything with them for sentimental value. Cremating, destroying, or otherwise taking a decapitated head too far from the leech's body will result in death.

It's thought that this trait arose as a direct survival response to the emergence of Cave Leeches, which prey upon regular leeches - unable to combat this sudden predation, the only way out is instead to simply survive being eaten, often to a horrifying degree - as the wounds never seem to heal.
This trait also prevents parts from regrowing, such as the tail or minor digits.

How Deadn't works as a trait:

  • Wounds should be open and raw - not necessarily bleeding, but something you can't confuse with scar tissue!

  • Can not allow for whole 'slices' to be taken out and the rest of the body to remain as if by levitating - it must be held on with at least a bit of connective tissue, otherwise they will fall to the ground. As long as they are connected, they may float.

  • A living 'object head' is not possible. The leech must keep its actual head with it somewhere; however an object may be placed on the neck stump as an obvious and non-functioning accessory.

  • Leeches with Solid or Glass Body do not need this trait unless their head has been removed. Due to their body type they can suffer quite a lot of damage and survive.

  • Impalement can be as messy or as neat as you want. There is no limit to amount of items stabbed into it, as long as the leech is still recognizable.

  • Amputated pieces may be reattached with surgical stitches and the like. You can put them on the wrong way, such as a backwards head or swapping feet; however, you are not able to switch things like the tail and the head, or put limbs elsewhere on the body - this is too easy to confuse with the Extra Limbs trait.

Deadn't can be combined with a whole lot of traits to create new and interesting visuals.

  • Bone Structure: On top of its usual application, you can add bones inside your leech, exposed by wounds!
  • Food Body: Fruit or cake slices, decorative carving, impalement via utensils
  • Plush Body: Catastrophic plush damage with stuffing spilling out, little sewed organs, or even taxidermy
  • Hoodie Traits: The hoodie can be the only part of the leech with skin, revealing a painfully naked leech underneath
  • Floating Object: For smaller organs, such as the brain or heart - note that this cannot float entire limbs, head, or tail as they are too heavy
  • Frill Neck: A very horrifyingly literal take on 'bare your throat'...
  • Garden Body: Terrible wounds that reveal plants growing from inside the leech!

And many more!

Deadn't Info Sheet
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