『 🎉 』- A little of sweets~

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『 🎉 』- A little of sweets~
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In General Leech Monster Art ・ By Dailet-Creation

My first prompt of Leech Monsters! It feels a little odd due is out of usual I do, but it was indeed fun do a Valentine boxes based of my leechs!

Pixie is the one I knew i want something simple but also appealing to the eye!

Harvey was the one I dint know much how to do it to get her vibes, but ended up deciding to go to the classic heart shape but adding her angelic traits

Grunge was the one I had absolutely no idea what shape to do, i dint want something simple or common and something that fit his vibes, ended up deciding the box be the shape of his head! and I think was i was looking for :D

Submitted By Dailet-Creation for [Feb2024] Candid Confections
Submitted: 2 months agoLast Updated: 2 months ago

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