MYO approval guide

Created: 11 August 2020, 19:02:17 UTC
Last updated: 10 November 2020, 17:56:06 UTC

This guide quickly explains how to submit myo/tadpole myo designs, an in depth guide on what myo slots actually are is linked below.

To make your own leech you need a MYO slot, MYO slots are sold on Deviantartdiscord and

Character creation rules
- Making your MYO based off a copyrighted character is not allowed.
- Making your MYO copied or based off an existing design (leech or not) is not allowed.
- You must follow the trait sheets, unlisted traits aren't available to normal myos!
- The submitted design can be feral or anthro

Now for the guide

Your MYO slots can be accessed through your profile, under user.
Check that all your information is filled in correctly and create a myo submission request. You can find all the traits you can use in the encyclopedia!
And you're done! Now you wait for a mod to approve it, and if everything's in order.... Your myo slot has been turned into an official leech monster, yay!