Tadpole MYO Guide

Created: 1 September 2020, 19:12:54 UTC
Last updated: 2 November 2023, 17:57:27 UTC

This is a guide on what "Tadpole-Myos" are, as well as how to use them and where to obtain them.


Tadpole-myos work a lot like myo slots, but the difference between them is that while a myo slot lets you design a leech from scratch... With the tadpole-myo you can only make a design based on the tadpole.

Tadpoles can either be acquired from the nursery, or through sales through Discord, Deviantart or on this site!
Tadpoles can be bought using the site currency; Snacks , or for USD depending on the sale!

As for how you go about using your tadpole-myo:

It actually works a lot like a redesign! The adult needs to retain most of the markings/colors, but you can use any of the normal (non-mythical) slots from the trait sheets. The adult can be any normal classes (wild/pet/mount), but you can use the sour grapes item to turn it into a saltwater class.

And just like with normal myo slots and premade leeches, you can use trait upgrades on your myo-tadpole.


The purple/lilac/silver tadpoles you get from the gacha are NOT myo-tadpoles! The mythical upgrade tadpoles are an add-on item, while myo-tadpoles are a type of myo slot.

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Like every other myo slot and design, the myo-tadpoles will have a listing on the masterlist. Once you get an adult design approved, it'll get its ML entry updated and will act as any other official leech monster design.

 the MYO/resale rules apply (since there are a mix of snack- and real money-bought tadpoles in the mix), so you can trade your tadpole as long as you're following them!
My MYO tadpole has a myth or potion trait attached!
This is a special tadpole! It comes with that trait freely available to put in the final design with no upgrade required. It doesn't mean you have to use it, though. Once the design is processed the ability to freely add that trait to the design will vanish, so decide carefully!
Please note: these traits cannot be swapped for another. Adding different traits will require their respective upgrade items.

To get your myo-tadpole adult approved...

Simply go to your myo slots, and select "design update". Once this form is filled out, it will go into the approval queue!
Approvals can take up to a week, so please be patient at this stage.