Profile G-096: Colgate

Owned by anzunite


 Nickame  cole
 Age  unknown
 Gender  unknown
 Pronouns  he/him
 Birthday  january 25th
 Voice  n/a
 Theme  n/a

 Species  leech monster (wild class)
 Height  tba
 Orientation  n/a
 Occupation  dentist's assistant
 Home  tba
 R.status  n/a
 L.status  n/a
  • cleanliness
  • chew toys
  • attention

Colgate's profession is better described as a mascot rather than an assistant, as such a creature is incapable of understanding the complexity of dental hygiene. His pearly grin and iconic minty stripes make him the perfect candidate for such a position. He has a tendency to be somewhat short-tempered and poor-mannered, especially in the presence of screaming children in the office, who are often quickly silenced as his trademark smirk turns to a much more predacious expression. His familiar, however, is much sweeter and more tolerable of the clamor.

  • orange juice
  • loud noises
  • flash photography
  • Gift art is allowed
  • Please ask before gift writing