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Participating members: (mention yourself and the owner/s of the leech parents. Please clarify who's getting a baby and who's just a volunteer!)

Participating parent leeches: (link their ML entries)

Additional info/requests:


In this event the official artists are offering limited special customs based on two (or more!) leech parents. We will take aspects/traits from the parents and create a NEW leech monster design!

The design itself will have a tadpole and an adult form, and it will be a completely random mishmash of the parents so that it can stand alone as its own design! 


  • 2 to 4 leeches are required to act as the “parents”. Up to 4 people can team up per batch.
  • This event requires at least two people to volunteer at least 1 leech from each side as a parent. You can post a seeking splicing partner ad in the discord or DA group!
  • One spliced tadpole per person participating.
  • You can request traits for your spliced baby, but there isn’t a guarantee they will be used.
  • You will have the choice to tradebind the baby with your adult. (they will only be able to be traded together)

As mentioned before, if you want to participate you will need to get at least a second parent leech from a different user. This user can either simply volunteer their leech as a parent without getting a spliced baby for themselves, or they can pay to participate and get their own tadpole from the pair. TDLR; If you want a slot but your partner doesn't, that's fine. You will still get a baby from the breeding pair as long as you have participating parents.




Each slot/baby is 70$ each


Pair rates - Calculated for batch

saltie x saltie - 100% saltie

saltie x anything else - 30% saltie


lux x lux - 60% lux

lux x anything else - 10% lux


myth traits 70% of getting passed down each

unlisted 10%  of getting passed down each


The participating artists are;

occultic, Fleshh, Zincuddlefish, StudioMaz, Endivinity, Will



Demitsorou Avatar

Participating members: @Demitsorou, @Zincuddlefish (volunteering)

Participating parent leeches:

Additional info/requests: Transparent head... want... Hoping... ;w; If not, maybe a big but thin salt deposit that glows, and the rest of the head is gold? Also the long thin feelers with glowy tips...

2021-03-03 22:44:19 (Edited 2021-03-03 22:45:39)

Inkrunner101 Avatar

Participating members: inkrunner101 (participating) Occultic (volunteer)

Participating parent leeches:

Additional info/requests: hoping for glowing garden moth

2021-03-03 13:38:08

RexAraneo Avatar

Participating members: @rexaraneo(participating ) @threecaballeros(volunteering)

Participating parent leeches:

Additional info/requests: Bubbles! maybe done by the same person as the identical litter

thank you!!

2021-03-01 01:42:27

RexAraneo Avatar

Participating members: @rexaraneo(volunteering) @threecaballeros(participating)

Participating parent leeches:

Additional info/requests: Bubbles!

thank you!!

2021-02-28 00:29:19 (Edited 2021-02-28 00:29:48)

ShadyBirb Avatar
Featured by Owner

Participating members:
@ShadyBirb (participating), @Endivinity (participating)
@Ashford (volunteering)

Participating parent leeches:

Additional info/request: blush would be lovely, rng pls give plant

2021-02-16 19:03:28 (Edited 2021-02-17 11:19:55)

Endivinity Avatar
Endivinity Staff Member

chipping in @ whichever mod chooses this one: i'd also like a resulting child from this batch!

Additional info/request: no blush for me but if you can fit gateway horns in somewhere thatd be fantastic B )

2021-02-17 11:10:09

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