Event: Jinx is missing!

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Jinx is Missing!

Jinx's shop has sat empty for a month, with only a very odd cloth doll left in her place.

Snacks from other peoples' purchases sit piled on a nearby table, slowly turning into a dusty-sticky lump from where they've been untouched this entire time.

On this visit, however, you noticed a scrawled parchment nailed to the front door: a notice of expedition to find the missing shopkeeper!


The note says the expedition is set to depart on October 1st, so be ready!


This event will be a user-participation, month-long expedition with progress being completed through unique branching artwork prompts.

As each week passes, new further prompts will be made available. New prompts cannot be completed until the one prior to it has been done.

With the amount of participants on the expedition, it's bound to succeed - but there are exclusive rewards for every prompt you complete, so be thorough in your exploration.



Fox0war Avatar

grabs leeches Alroight bois, we be goin' on a mission now ya hear?

2021-09-26 01:29:37

Otaku_With_a_Pen Avatar

Hydra and Lotus smell treasureeee

2021-09-26 00:40:00

FussyPowderPuff Avatar

oh my, seems as though I'll have to dust off my poor bby and give her some attention for this!

2021-09-26 00:30:41

Zincuddlefish Avatar
Zincuddlefish Staff Member

✪ ω ✪

2021-09-26 00:29:54

Endivinity Avatar
Endivinity Staff Member

✪ ω ✪

2021-09-26 00:28:31

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