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WELCOME ALL TO THE FIRST SITE AUCTION!!! ide like to introduce the weird saltie with a kinda new tweaked trait!


~ Please no begging in the comments, it crowds the comment section and to me its rude and unwanted, if i see begging comments i will be deleting them. This goes for haggling comments, the price is set im not accepting lower.

~ Reply to the corresponding comment to claim, comments outside the claim comment will not count as a claim.

~ You have 24 hours from the time i give you the payment link to pay, if you don't pay within time given, the leech will go back up for sale.

~ You may have someone purchase the leech for you, just make sure the person states its for you and you reply to their comment confirming.

~ this rule only pertains to this auction but you may have someone who has a site account or discord account, to bid for you, i will not be keeping track of this and it will be between your two partys, but a reminder this is supposed to promote both our discord and site and its highly recommended you join those anyway


Sb: 80$

Ab: 180$

Th link: Fish


MY BAD i forgot to include, the auction ends 24 hours after the last bid, there will be a snipe guard in place where any bid at the last 2 hour mark will extend the bidding out by a hour or two


[Saltie Class]


Tail: Saltwater finned

Neck: Basic

Mouth: Vampire

Additional: Gills, Bioluminescence, Feelers, spikes, seeall x2, saltwater hoodie trait (saltwater ), scaled (saltwater)

Bones (potion mutation)

Unlisted: Partial Transparency 



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