Normal (Leech Monster (feral) Subtype)

The normally occuring classes - Wild, Pet and Mount. These leeches are considered common.


Legendary (Leech Monster (feral) Subtype)

Legendary leech monsters are often a part of different culture's beliefs and religions; Ranging from deities to omens, good and bad, what is clear is that humanity has always feared and respected these giants. Modern society still treats most leech monsters as pests though.


Luxury (Leech Monster (feral) Subtype)

Luxury pets are the result of a pronlonged and intense process of breeding leech monsters to look as small and cute as possible. These pets are hard to breed and are very expensive, out of every litter only up to three are luxury breed.

Cave (Leech Monster (feral) Subtype)

Cave leeches are a newly discovered subspecies. After living apart from the outside world in a highly mutated legendary leech carcass for perhaps hundreds if not thousands of years, they've differed quite a bit from their surface counterparts. 


Saltwater (Leech Monster (feral) Subtype)

These leeches are bred specifically to show off marking, patterns and traits of fish and other marine animals, most saltwaters are bred to be as colorful and unique as possible .  Considered a "collectors" species, these leech monsters are usually kept by very wealthy businesses or people in huge extravagant tanks. As they aren't domesticated and even more aggressive than your typical leech, keeping the tank closed and locked at all times is advised.

Permanent Tadpole (Leech Monster (feral) Subtype)

A tadpole myo adult, except that the owner chose to keep it as a tadpole permenantly. Perma tadpoles are acount bound, and are no longer considered a myo slot.

To turn your tadpole myo slot into a perma tadpole, please submit a design update for it.

To unfreeze a tadpole in order to make it tradable/redesignable, you need [UNFREEZE ITEM PENDING], which you can get at jinx's shop.

Perma tadpoles can be drawn in prompts for a small snack bonus!

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