Legendary trait (Legendary)

Traits that go far beyond the usual restrictions of normal leeches. These often have spectacular definitions and titles setting them apart from their common counterparts.

Legendary traits differ from unlisted in that they form as highly specialized adaptations as the leech ages, rather than a defect.

Telepathy (Legendary)

Category: Mutations

An extremely rare ability only seen in ancient leeches, allowing them some degree of psychic powers.

Though the trait is classed as telepathy, this can present as telekinesis/levitation, super intelligence, hypnotism, and other similar mental alterations.

Elemental Power (Legendary)

Category: Mutations

A legendary will often have some sort of elemental or object-related affinity, allowing them to manipulate it at will.
It is extremely versatile and expansive as a trait, often used to explain very unusual occurrences in these leeches. It can range from hydro- and pyrokinesis, unusual body shape or components and auras, to controlling seasons, space, and even time around it!

Unusual size (Legendary)

Category: Mutations

A legendary leech can be any size, without limit - from microscopic to absolutely cosmic in proportion.
Most legendaries will comfortably reside somewhere in the Very Large category, ranging from vehicle to whale. There are some solitary cults among people that believe the universe is contained within the belly of a leech.

Title (Legendary)

Category: Mutations

Legendary class leech monsters have a honorary title that sets them apart and makes them a legend.

Most often this is a title given to them by awed or afraid people who have witnessed it grow over many years into something beyond a myth, but sometimes highly intelligent legendary leeches are inclined to choose their own title, and bear it proudly.

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